Accredited Tier Designer (ATD)

Gain the knowledge and expertise to design and engineer data center facilities and systems to meet Tier Standards for uptime and performance. Armed with the Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) knowledge and skillset, you’ll be equipped to design the premier facilities of the future.


Today’s economy relies on digital platforms while users demand ever-more performance from data center systems. The ATD course gives you the expertise to create those systems. The ATD program is intended for licensed Professional Engineers (PE) with a design management role for data centers and similar technology projects.

ATD teaches the multi-disciplinary knowledge you need to align facility design with Uptime Institute Tier Standard criteria and ensure that critical infrastructure and systems meet the owner’s uptime and performance requirements.

ATD is a 16 hour program and accreditation examination covering design parameters for Tier-level data center facilities and systems. The curriculum teaches both principles and practical application. Program material is technical and intended for engineers. A pre-requisite is the Professional Engineer (PE) credential in the U.S. or equivalent international registration.

The ATD program provides intensive instruction on the Tier Standard: Topology and its application to facility engineering and system designs — both for facilities that rely on traditional technologies, and those that incorporate the latest technologies and innovations.

Why the Accredited Tier Designer (ATD)?
The program crosses engineering discipline boundaries, covering topics including the mechanical and electrical infrastructure and ancillary systems, common design errors and omissions, and more. This program also includes a full design documentation review. The benefits of earning the ATD credential include:

  • Reduce internal and client project costs by minimizing lost design
  • Shorten design project time by limiting iterative designs
  • Design firms can differentiate in the market and effectively compete for projects that require Tier compliance
  • Apply Tier concepts effectively to deliver Tier Certified projects on time and on budget, earning client satisfaction and building your industry reputation



Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) Program Details

Program Content
Tier Classification System Overview
  • Tier 的概念及定义
  • 主要的数据中心设备基础设施系统
Mechanical Infrastructure Design
  • 关键机械子系统
  • 冗余拓扑
  • 连续制冷
Electrical Infrastructure Design
  • 关键电气子系统
  • 多个配电路径要求
  • 发电机(发电厂)要求
  • 电气系统与机械系统的交互
Ancillary System Tier Requirements
  • 关键配套子系统
  • Ancillary subsystem impacts on Tier Classification System
Common Disqualifying Design Omissions
  • 由教员引导,对认证审批过程中常见的不合格设计元素进行审查
Design Example Analysis Lab
  • Mentored candidate group assessment of compliant and non-compliant tier design examples
Program Administration & Examination
  • 总结回顾 operational sustainability,并进行考试准备
  • 考试
Program Duration
Learner Profile
Costs & Credits

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