Adds a wide-range of new and improved features available to member companies to increase service delivery capabilities by up to 200%

Uptime Institute Expands Network Community

Let us quantify your risks and vulnerabilities across on-premise, co-location and cloud services.

Delivering Business Services Across Hybrid Infrastructures

Comprehensive Operational Assessment is now available to all CBRE clients via Uptime’s M&O Stamp of Approval.

CBRE Selects Uptime Institute to Deliver Operational Risk Assessments

Join thousands of other graduates who look to Uptime Institute for their training needs.

The Industry’s Largest Educator of Data Center Professionals

More than 100 accredited data center training programs worldwide.

The 2020 Data Center Training Calendar is Here!

Apostolos Kakkos
Chairman & CEO

"Lamda Hellix provides customers with world-class confidence by certifying their data center with Uptime Institute."

弹性。可靠性。信任。我们荣获超过 1000 项 Tier Certification,深谙如何使数字经济保持运转。

弹性。可靠性。信任。我们荣获超过 1000 项 Tier Certification,深谙如何使数字经济保持运转。



Uptime Institute 提供了指导和框架,以推动数据中心有效管理和运营最佳实践

Sale of 451 Research division enables management to focus on worldwide growth & expansion.

The 451 Group to Focus on Expansion of Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute 是 IT 行业最受信赖、最广泛采用的数据中心这个数据经济中枢的正确设计、构建和运营的全球标准。

全球领先企业信赖的 IT 合作伙伴

Tier Standard and Certification



帮助全球各地的组织制定策略、评估解决方案和采取行动以协调 IT 组织。

IT 效率

评估技术和流程,确保 IT 部署有效、高效



UI Network 社区




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