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Uptime Institute 情报实践致力于识别、分析和清楚解释关键任务基础设施行业的趋势、技术和不断变化的业务,以便我们的客户做出经过深思熟虑的明智决策,探索新的机会,并降低其面临的风险。

凭借超过 30 年来深厚的实践专业知识和研究经验,以及客户、合作伙伴和员工的全球网络,我们的团队能够审查任务关键型基础设施的设计、运行和经济性、创新的颠覆性承诺,以及日常管理的实践能力。




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通过将 Uptime Institute 经验丰富的数据中心顾问与 Uptime Institute 情报分析师团队相配对,从而实现 Uptime Institute 情报。分析师观点与现场观点的结合在业务、应用、网络和物理层级提供了对尖端数据中心技术、IT 效率和优化趋势、数据中心最佳实践在设施和管理中的有效应用以及推动 IT 弹性最佳实践的独特见解。
Andy Lawrence is a founding member and the Executive Director of Research for Uptime Intelligence, which analyzes and explains trends shaping the critical infrastructure industry. He has extensive experience analyzing developments in IT, emerging technologies, data centers and infrastructure, and advising companies on technical and business strategies.
Andy Lawrence
Chris Brown serves as Chief Technical Officer of Uptime Intelligence. Brown currently oversees the organization’s global team of data center consultants and experts. 他在关键设施方面拥有二十多年的经验,包括容量规划、改造、新设施设计以及领导管理和运营团队等技术领域。
Chris Brown
Chief Technical Officer
Daniel Bizo serves as Research Director at Uptime Intelligence. Over the past 15 years, he has covered the business and technology of enterprise IT and infrastructure. His research includes sustainability, operations, and energy efficiency within the data center, on topics like emerging battery technologies, thermal operation guidelines, and processor chip technology.
Daniel Bizo
Jay Dietrich is the Research Director of Sustainability at Uptime Intelligence. Dietrich looks beyond the hype to analyze the transformations required in energy and IT systems, data centers and software management systems, and intra-organizational collaboration, both within and between companies, to deliver sustainable data center operations.
Jay Dietrich
Dr. Tomas Rahkonen is the Research Director of Distributed Data Centers at Uptime Intelligence. Rahkonen has spent the last 25 years in positions within the telecommunications, mobile communications, and data center sectors globally, and most recently served as the CTO of Flexenclosure, where he managed the design and delivery of prefab data centers across four continents.
Tomas Rahkonen 博士
John O’Brien is a Senior Research Analyst at Uptime Intelligence covering software, automation, cloud and FinOps for digital infrastructure. He has two decades of experience as an analyst researching and advising clients on disruptive change across the software and IT sectors.
John O’Brien
Senior Research Analyst
Jabari is a Senior Research Analyst for Uptime Intelligence providing critical analysis on a variety of topics relating to digital critical infrastructure, particularly in the areas of mechanical and electrical data center engineering. He has a decade of experience in Oil & Gas and critical facility design and construction.
Jabari Williams-George
Senior Research Analyst
Jacqueline Davis is a Research Analyst at Uptime Institute covering global trends and technologies that underpin critical digital infrastructure. 她在环境合规和健康与安全领域的环境监测和数据解读方面经验丰富。
Jacqueline Davis
Research Analyst
Max Smolaks is a Research Analyst at Uptime Intelligence. Mr Smolaks’ expertise spans digital infrastructure management software, power and cooling equipment, and regulations and standards. He has 10 years’ experience as a technology journalist, reporting on innovation in IT and data center infrastructure.
Max Smolaks
Research Analyst
Douglas Donnellan is a Research Associate at Uptime Intelligence covering sustainability in data centers. His background includes environmental research and communications, with a strong focus on education.
Douglas Donnellan
Rose Weinschenk is a research associate for Uptime Intelligence covering staffing and education. Her background includes 14 years in the Psychology field with emphasis on ethics and cognitive behavior.
Rose Weinschenk


Uptime Institute 情报提供各种研究成果。三种主要报告类型为:




此类报告探讨特定主题,通常由 Uptime Institute 全球顾问或技术合作伙伴/员工撰写。


这些是关于行业趋势和技术的简短报告,定义不断变化的 IT 和数据中心格局。
Uptime Institute 情报还根据需要为客户提供自定义研究,发布视频,定期举办网络研讨会,并为关键基础架构的管理人员举办圆桌讨论会议,包括在线会议和 Uptime Institute Membership 会议。

You may access a selection of complimentary, downloadable research by visiting the Research and Reports section of our website. 

Uptime Institute 情报议程

Uptime Institute 情报议程主要围绕三个关键领域:企业风险与治理、业务规划与运营,以及技术选择与战略。


  • 混合云的管理挑战
  • 停电和弹性
  • 企业可持续性
  • 生命安全与保障


  • 企业容量和预算趋势
  • 指标和 KPI
  • 人员配置和运营
  • 管理工具和软件


  • 数据中心构建和形式因素
  • 服务器和存储
  • 云和 Colo 的选择与管理
  • 破坏性创新

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