Data Center Professional Services


For over thirty years, the business-critical infrastructure industry has relied on Uptime Institute for unrivaled expertise, innovative approaches and best-practice standards. Uptime Institute 是您获取行业领先数据中心服务的资源。


如果您渴望高性能、可靠和高效的数据中心,Uptime Institute 将提供您实现目标所需的指导和资源。 


Uptime Institute 负责创建和管理全球知名和公认的 Tier Standard,帮助数据中心在降低风险的同时实现其目标。我们的数据中心专业服务利用数十年的实地经验和我们的 Tier Standard 方法来提供全面的咨询建议。我们支持全球数以千计的数据中心,并为 IT 环境中的各种挑战提供解决方案。



与 Uptime Institute 携手后,经验丰富的数据中心专业团队将与您合作,确保您的数据中心可靠高效,无论是新建数据中心还是寻求认证的现有基础设施。



我们发挥数十年服务全球数千地设施的丰富经验,帮您检验数据中心设计和运营。我们的团队将帮您确定风险,诊断问题,评估战略价值,确定“最有可能”的 Tier 评级。€‚


Uptime Institute M&O Stamp of Approval

随着所有业务职能部门的数据需求不断提高,如今的 IT 和数据中心基础设施利益相关者持续面临巨大压力,在实现价值的同时还要维护成本和效率。Management & Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval 可以提供教育指导和框架,推动数据中心有效管理和运营的最佳实践。通过与 Uptime Institute 合作,您展示了您对卓越运营的承诺,并拥有对现有数据中心设施的第三方验证(独立于 Tier Classification 系统)。

Sustainability Strategy Gap Analysis

The environmental sustainability of data center operations has become a major concern for investor, customer, regulatory, legislative, and environmental stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Strategy Gap Analysis was developed to review and compare an organization's current sustainability data, metrics, and goals against global best practices.


Recognizing the growing regulatory requirement and the adoption of more complex hybrid IT infrastructures by the FSI community, Uptime Institute has introduced the SCIRA-FSI assessment to help financial sector organizations assess the operational resilience of their critical infrastructure across enterprise-owned data centers, multi-tenant data center service providers, cloud, IT, and managed service providers.

Uptime Institute brought together over 20 premier financial institutions from across the world to form its Program Design Partners and build a standardized approach to help the sector better assess and mitigate outages.

DCIM 咨询服务

一般 DCIM 买家会花费超过六个月的时间来评估潜在供应商,然后再耗费 6-12 个月的时间来部署所选的解决方案。如果组织的业务要求需要 DCIM 解决方案,那么这样则会产生高昂的人员成本和不必要的延迟。Uptime Institute 的 DCIM 咨询服务帮助数据中心高层理解供应商格局,及时部署,避免超支,选择适宜的基础设施解决方案。

Digital Resiliency Assessment


Our Digital Resiliency Assessment is designed to provide a deep evaluation of your data center infrastructure to determine risks and expected performance


FMO Advisory Services

FMO 顾问服务是可以促使您的日常操作同时实现数据中心的可用性、成本和性能目标的策略方法。Uptime Institute Professional Services 顾问会在现场互动研讨会上提供您所需的亲身指导,以帮助您制定、实施和改进严谨的设施管理计划,从而管理您数据中心的成功长期操作。

Building Characteristics Assessment

Every data center is not created equal. Do you know and understand how to work with your building’s characteristics to ensure room for growth and reduce your risk?

Uptime Institute’s Building Characteristics Assessment reviews the architectural and structural features of your facility.

The Building Characteristics Assessment evaluation criteria and methodology is drawn from Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards and extensive field experience gained by working with thousands of data centers around the globe, and insights gained from the analysis of the world’s largest knowledgebase of data center incidents and outages gathered over multiple decades.

Facility Security Assessment

Facility Security is an important component in the strategic review of any data center to determine its physical safety and security to ensure that it can support the needs of the business.

Uptime Institute's Facility Security Assessment evaluation criteria and evaluation methodology following the Uptime Institute Tier Standard methodology. The assessment thoroughly examines the existing physical security components and their function within the critical facility topology and related operational plans associated with it, and then articulates in a report with an unbiased assessment of the structure’s physical security standing and attributes. The assessment includes recommendations for mitigation and remediation of any gaps in order to align the site’s infrastructure and operations with the business requirements.

战略平台选择指南 — FORCSS®

为企业权衡最佳的 IT 部署方案是十分复杂的决策,因为您需要平衡偶然竞争性业务、设施工程、计算、运营和市场考量。

Uptime Institute 开发出一套用于 IT 部署替代方案的捕获、比较和优先排序的系统,可帮助组织协调统一战略,平衡财务、机会、风险、合规、可持续性和服务质量:FORCSS.

Custom Consulting

The pace of change in the digital infrastructure industry has never been quicker. 

Data center owners and operators struggle with deployment and expansion strategies, financial modeling, and fundamental questions about best compute venue for their future workloads.  Colocation and cloud providers have their own set of challenges - demand forecasting in a rapidly changing landscape, market positioning, and designing effective go-to-market strategies. 

Answering these tough questions requires both a depth of technical expertise and a breadth of market knowledge.  Uptime is uniquely positioned to meet these requirements.  Our custom consulting services provide tailored approaches to solving your toughest challenges when it comes to digital infrastructure. 


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