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Uptime Institute Membership is the premiere community of end-user professionals responsible for the development, management, and operation of data center infrastructure and systems.


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Member organizations experience up to 50% fewer downtime incidents, each with significantly shorter duration, than the industry at large.  Our Members build data center best practices into their personal DNA and share their acquired experiential knowledge with the organization’s entire staff.


Our Members drive a culture of operational excellence and efficiency in their facilities, informed and reinforced through multiple in-person and online events throughout the year. 因为高效和卓越运营成为您数据中心的标准操作程序,运营成本随之降低。


The Membership provides you with access to Uptime Institute's Intelligence Team and global consultant network, along with hundreds of other members just like you. We can get you answers to tough questions from the world's most knowledgeable data center experts, quickly.


Listen to our customers describe the value they get from being part of the Uptime Institute Membersip.

Exclusive Benefits with the Uptime Institute Membership


Membership Conferences

在全球的每个地区每年举行两次,是拓展人脉、探讨沟通、分享信息的理想平台。另有成员报告、Uptime Institute 专家分享与特别客座嘉宾发言等环节。


Access the largest and most influential peer-to-peer community of data center professionals. Members come together for meaningful peer-to-peer interaction in a safe forum for knowledge exchange - free from the influence of vendors or other issues and concerns.

Inside Track

在 Uptime Institute 专为数据中心和 IT 专家建立的线上全球同仁社区中获取集体知识和经验。Submit questions to other Members, download exclusive Uptime Institute Intelligence reports, and access a wealth of polling and benchmarking data to understand how your organization compares to your peers and industry leaders around the world.




获取超过 20 年来收集到的行业最大异常事件报告库。异常事件报告数据库使用户得以迅速找到根本原因,并在部署特定设备或实施新流程时设定性能预期。



Dedicated Membership Liaison

Benefit from personalized service to make the most effective use of membership resources, connect to premiere Members, and access Uptime Institute specialists relevant to your areas of concern. 您还将获得最多四个小时的咨询时间。


Uptime Institute Membership meetings are accredited by The CPD Standards Office and qualify for continuing education credits to help members earn and maintain professional certifications.

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